Sunday, September 14, 2014

Nursery and Baby Name Reveal!

Hey guys! It's been forever since I've blogged... I know, I suck. But for the past oh 9 months or so... I've had nothing but babies on the brain so I haven't been all that interesting to talk to. Haha. With my first two babies, I'd never bothered to have an actual "nursery", so I decided it would be fun to make an effort this time around with baby #3. Most of it was DIY. It was nice to have things to keep me busy and also quite low cost. I'll also reveal the baby's name for everyone since we've been keeping it to ourselves until now just because. Here it is!

His full name is Varen Grey Baldwin. (The way we are pronouncing Varen, it rhymes with Barren, Darren, Karen, Erin, Arin, Baron, you get the idea.) Ever since Jason and I started having kids, I've always had a long list of girls names I liked, but no boys names. ..But we keep having BOYS, and so it's been hard choosing names. I was really excited when I recalled seeing this name before in a cool book I read years ago and that Jason agreed to it! As for the decor, I got the wooden letters off of Etsy and painted them silver, and I learned how to fold origami cranes so I could make that mobile. Isn't it neat?? I also sewed the crib skirt and blanket with some cute origami animal printed fabric.

I sewed up this guy last night. He's my quick imitation of an Ugly Doll (since I just cant justify spending $20 on a real one). Isn't he cute? hehe

We redid the chair in the left photo. I found the pretty blue slipcover at Target and my dear sweet Jason converted it into a swiveling rocker using the method I found here. It was cheaper than buying a glider, and it was great to make use out of an ugly but comfy chair we had sitting around.

I also redid a beat up dresser I found on craigslist, painting it and adding some new knobs.


I did most of the art on the gallery wall myself, painting old frames and the shelf white. The "Love" canvas I found at walmart, and the mirror and hooks are from Hobby Lobby. The lamp is from Target. I sewed the changing pad cover and cloth wipes. My favorite is the "V" button art which was really fun to make. I just printed out and traced the V, and filled it in with buttons, beads, sparkly gems and charms glued on with craft glue.
Here's a closer look:
I stumbled across this in an old poem book I'd found at Goodwill and thought it would make a neat addition to the gallery wall.
and lastly a colorful assortment of pacifiers in a pretty glass jar. I saw the idea on pinterest I think and just had to copy it. It reminds me of a colorful candy jar.
one last shot:
That's pretty much everything! I don't know much about interior decorating but I'm really happy with how it turned out. ^_^ Now if you'll excuse me I have to get back to cleaning my house top to bottom because I'm Crazy Nesting Pregnant Lady right now. We'll be meeting Mr. Varen Grey very...VERY soon. ;)